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Google Chrome Extensions

Following in the footsteps of Firefox, Google Chrome is in the process of adding extensions to the browser. This is my first stab at creating an extension using their HTML5 + CSS + Javascript API.

For more information on developing extensions for Chrome, visit their developer pages.


This is a simple extension whose sole purpose is to emulate the function of the SnapBack button in Safari 3: when clicked, it simply jumps back to the first entry in the current tab's history.

I tend to read pages in a "depth first" manner, so I like being able to pop back up to the front page of a forum or sequence of news articles that started a particular hiearchical reading path.

You can install BackSnapper directly from its entry in the Chrome Extensions Gallery.

If the Extensions Gallery is not available, you can download BackSnapper directly. Unzip the extension folder, then follow step 4 of Google's Hello World example to install BackSnapper into the developer version of Chrome 4.

The code is available on github.