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What is Tweetworks?

Tweetworks is a service and site built on top of Twitter allowing a user to create public and private groups (instead of hashtags) with threaded conversations and more.

Tweetworks is a Boston-area startup created by @MikeLangford, and it features a full-fledged web service API.

Getting the Package

The easiest way to obtain the tweetworks package is using setuptools to grab it from PyPI. Assuming you have Python, with setuptools installed, you should just be able to run this command in your shell:

easy_install tweetworks

You can also download the current version from PyPI.

Using the Package

You'll need a Tweetworks account in order to use this API.

  1. Obtain a Tweetworks API key using their contact page
  2. Read the Tweetworks API documentation
  3. import tweetworks
  4. api = tweetworks.API("your api key")
  5. Start calling API methods!

That's the gist of it! For more detailed information, see the documentation.


The easiest way to help out is to interact with the project on github. If you're not able to dive into the code yourself, contact me with suggestions, bugfixes, and the like.