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The Ward Family Tree Project

For some time, genealogy has been a bit of a hobby for me. I'm not sure if it's the librarian blood in me, or a boring old obsession with order, but I love data entry. I also love obscure trivia, like knowing exactly who my third cousins once removed are. For all of those reasons, and many others, I have compiled a very large database of family information for both my maternal and paternal sides.

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This kind of information is absolutely not the sort of thing that I should keep to myself. I want to share it with anyone who has an interest in genealogy, and in particular, with members of my (very) extended family. I hope that you discover new information here that can help you in your own genealogical research.

Speaking of new information, I readily welcome anything that you can add to the database. There are a number of people for whom I am missing birth and/or death information, and I would love to fill in those kind of holes in the database. Another one of my goals is to get a decent image for every currently living member of my family tree. It's a lofty one, but any pictures you'd like to submit, I will gladly accept.

This project would not be possible without an amazing (and completely free!) genealogical tool: GRAMPS (Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System). GRAMPS is available for Mac OS X through Fink; the source for running on another Unix system with GNOME installed is available on their website.

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